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The copywriting process

“Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.”

Eugene Schwartz 

Crafting engaging copy is an art, honed over years of practice.

However, ensuring your copy performs in the digital age, where every touchpoint is measured and analysed, is a science. 

In short, effective copywriting is an art guided by science.

That's why, when I work with you on a copywriting project, I begin with a detailed 5 “Ws” plan:

  • Who – Specifically identify the typical persona of your target audience, including a demographic & psychographic analysis.

  • What – Identify what the benefits of your product/service are to your audience. What keywords are your audience searching for? What problems can you solve?

  • When – Tailor the copy to engage your audience at the right time, based upon their position within the marketing funnel. Is the target audience at the lead acquisition stage, the sales conversion stage, or post-sales retention stage?

  • Where – Consider the distribution platforms. Where the copy will appear will shape the overall strategy.

  • Why – Develop a clear understanding of the purpose of the copy – what specific goal or call to action is the copy designed to facilitate? What metrics will be used to determine the copy’s effectiveness and what KPIs will it be judged against?

Effective copywriting depends on getting the 5 “Ws” right!

I'll work closely with you, and conduct my own independent research, to comprehensively answer these 5 "Ws". This gives me the necessary framework to ensure the final product delivers for your business.

Once this 5 "Ws" plan is fleshed out, the art of storytelling begins.