Abstract Man on Beach

Don't tell them you're funny...
Make them laugh!

After six years of married hell, Rob is finally a free man.

The ex-wife started out nice enough, but within a few months of marriage, the avalanche of calls and texts, up to 20 times a day, was becoming a real drain. She started checking his online browsing history, and scrupulously searching his bank statements. Even nights out with the lads had become a thing of the past. He was on such a tight leash that he couldn’t go anywhere alone. Talk about a neurotic control-freak!

The guy who had always been the life of the party was fast approaching middle age as a miserable shadow of his former self.

But finally that’s all behind him. Rob is once again single – and he is he ready to get out and mingle!

So how does a newly single man get back on the dating scene in 2018? TINDER of course! Rob uploaded 4 pics from his recent diving holiday to the Barrier Reef, including the one showing the massive Red Emperor he caught fishing.

The pics did the trick – it didn’t take long for the first match!

Jenny is a few years younger than Rob. During the week she works in a pharmacy, and also trains the local netball team on Saturday mornings. Sundays are for relaxing, usually spent recovering from the night before!

In her profile, the top priority is finding a guy with a great sense of humour. Seems like a perfect match!

Rob messages her straight away and tells her what a fun-loving guy he is, and that he loves a good laugh. But Jenny isn’t so easily convinced. She has heard this claim before, only to be let down by bores.

“Rob”, she says, “don’t tell me what a fun guy you are. Just make me laugh!”


Storytelling is an integral part of what makes us human.

By using stories in your copywriting, you can emotionally engage customers through showing the tangible ways you will benefit them.  

Simply telling customers how wonderful you are isn't going to cut it. 

It’s the difference between Rob telling Jenny he's a funny guy, and making her laugh with his boisterous humour.

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